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NISA Event 2008 – Disgaea DS, hands on and screens

By Michael | June 6, 2008 at 3:15 pm

Disgaea lives again! This time around Disgaea is coming to the Nintendo DS. Slated for release September 2008. While this is the third port of Disgaea many of the changes and improvements should excite fans and provide more gameplay for players to wring out. Apart from the obligatory new ending, Disgaea DS will tell the story from a new focus, all while being commented on, in your top screen, by disgruntled prinnies. Geo Cubes will also be making an appearance, adding an extra dimension to the battles. The biggest gameplay change for Disgaea DS is the addition tof multiplayer battles. In this mode friends can wirelesly connect and battle it out for the bragging rights of strongest party.

Below are screens from the game. You can also view the game’s official trailer.


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