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World Destruction: 6 scans, story details, new movies

By Janelle | July 20, 2008 at 7:58 am

These new World Destruction scans discuss the question, “What are Battle Points, anyways?”? The answer: points that characters collect over passing turns.? Amassing six means it’s time for a fancy combo attack.? One of the four sacred beasts ruling the world is also revealed, as well as the twelve governing animals (led by the wise old owl, naturally), under whose governance humans reside.? You’re not crazy: there are only eleven pictured, because one was mysteriously murdered.



As an? additional note, the official website has been updated with new videos.? Just click onto the site, then select “Movie” from the conveniently English menu.? The “World” section has also been updated, with a picture of Sosuiyo, one of the four sacred beasts of the world.? As pattern goes with things like this, the rest of these beasts will be revealed gradually.

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