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RPG Land wins again: Ar Tonelico II officially confirmed for USA

By Heath | July 26, 2008 at 5:15 am

Not news to anyone who reads RPG Land, but since there was a hardcore doubter the first time we told you, despite our overall awesome, here you go with a magazine scan confirming Ar Tonelico II‘s impending stateside release. Coming December 2008. (Thanks to forum member Fonic for the scan.)
But this article would be incomplete without a good hat-tip towards internet superhero GrgSpunk. When RPG Land initially published the details of its conversation with a Gust employee, GrgSpunk proceeded to take an epic shizit on the house that Deformedface Cloud built, in various below-linked forums. The first was our own discussion thread on the matter. Demanding an explanation and, perhaps contrary to his expectations, getting it, he wandered away and has not returned. But we soon became aware of his netwide crusade, as he wandered into this GameFAQs thread and declared, “RPG Land’s announcement has way too many holes to have a reasonable degree of credibility.” But repeated use of logic, reasoning, and presentation of fact held no water with our sleuth.

He could not be stopped. Not satisfied to let anyone believe the pure blasphemy that was surely spewing forth from a site which had somehow lucked its way into being pretty damn reliable, GrgSpunk went on a real smear fest at the NIS America forums, regarding which many forumgoers remarked they were surprised he didn’t get banned for being so remarkably ignorant. He really took it to a new level.

PlayStation Magazine going and issuing further confirmation of Ar Tonelico II coming to North America is, in a way, sad for forum regulars. Truly, a hero who fought for the people will realize his quest was all for naught. Somewhere, perhaps we will pour a Suntory Potion on the curb for him. We say “him” because it’s the internet. He’s a dude.


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