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The death of chibi cloud

By Michael | July 31, 2008 at 5:04 pm

Ding-Dong Cloud is dead…

Well folks it’s been a long time coming but the day is finally here. Our illustrious Phil “Martyr” Clayton began work on a redesign idea last year and we had a couple of starts and stops and a near completion back in November. We smoked bowls.  Bowls and bowls.  Somewhere between then and now, Phil’s excellent design was used as a springboard for what you see now, and we were all like “Whoa.”  Unrelatedly (not even just saying that, though it probably seems that way) Phil amicably moved on to his new RPG website The RPG Observer (www.therpgo.com).

A couple months ago Tim came to me and asked if I might be interested in picking up the torch. I knew it would be a big job so I said I’d make a quick mock up, which I did. Tim liked the basic idea so I ran with it. After about a month of work and a lot of fun back-end programming what you see now is the fruit of that labor.

This is new design. Hopefully you enjoy the new look, we tried to keep it as close to the RPG Land look and feel you’ve all come to love, but add in a lot of user-friendliness and subtract fan-service chibi characters.

I’m glad I’m at the end of this long re-design and I look forward to the things that come, I know the best is yet to come from RPG Land and it is our desire, as always, to keep it real.

Sorry this took so much longer than expected. You may find a dead link here or there throughout the site but rest assured those are quickly being taken care of.

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