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Aion: The Tower of Eternity – 5 Screens

By Michael | August 5, 2008 at 12:06 pm

Below are some new Screens and information on NCSoft’s upcoming MMO Aion: The Tower of Eternity.

Along with these screen shots some basic info has been released.  Aion will follow a standard branching tree format for classes, starting with four basic classes that then each split off into two specialized classes.  Some key features of Aion: The Tower of Eternity, which NCSoft hopes will differentiate themselves from the hordes of other MMOs on the market, is 3d combat with character flight and flying combat making up gameplay elements. Along with this NCSoft is touting is PvPvE gameplay.  The long and short of it seems to be 3 factions, two player factions and one NPC faction, are battling to take control of strongholds and artefacts (their spelling, not mine).  As of now there is no release date or even a Beta start date so this one looks like it still has some time in the oven before its ready.

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