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Rhapsody DS cannot perform encore

By Russ | October 10, 2008 at 11:30 pm

Those planning to buy Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure for the DS, hoping to see what it offered beyond its PlayStation counterpart might want to wait.

The message boards at Nippon Ichi Software America revealed some interesting information. Apparently the retail copy of Rhapsody DS is missing some of the touted content. An in-game quest and the DS-exclusive post-game content, Cherie’s story, are not to be found in the version sold in stores. Most reviewers may not have noticed as the review copies of the game were intact, but the first printing apparently suffered this mistake.

“houktg,” a forum user and self-avowed member of the translation team, posted “Okay I’ve been looking into it, and this content SHOULD be in the game. To be totally honest though, I don’t know/remember how to unlock it. I know you have to beat the game, but I’m not sure if there’s something you have to do during playthrough. I’ll keep looking into it, but we definitely translated the content and it should be there.”

As of this typing, there is no way to unlock it and no way to replace it. A solution is still attempting to be worked out. NISA has not made anything public regarding the problem, but has taken down these features from Rhapsody‘s official site.

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