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Finale on Rhapsody’s DS content

By Russ | October 19, 2008 at 4:49 am

It turns out the previously reported missing content was not as unintentional as originally thought.

A reviewer at RPGFan.com sent out an e-mail asking for confirmation regarding this problem. You can read the response here, but it the short of it is that Nippon Ichi Software America decided against including the content due to ‘localization issues.’

NISA sent out a notice on the matter, saying, “We understand that many of our fans are upset over this issue,and we are very sorry that an unfortunate mistake on our part has led to this.The issue is that, while the extra content was never added to the NorthAmerican version game itself, this fact was overlooked when the website wasbeing localized and updated. So the information from the original Japanese gamewent up on the website, even though the content itself was not there. Therewere a number of crossed wires and misunderstandings, and we deeply regret thatthese mistakes led to such an outcome. Unfortunately, at this point we won’t beable to add the bonus content to the game, or issue any sort of recall orrerelease.

“We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction and fan interaction,and we offer our deepest apologies for the confusion. It was never our intentto mislead or deceive you. It doesn’t fix the mistake, but please understandthat it was an honest mistake on our part, and one that we are going to workvery hard to ensure doesn’t happen again in the future.”

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