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RPG Deals for 3/22 – 3/28

By Russ | March 22, 2009 at 6:47 pm

Pokemons. Did you buy them?

It was the release of Pokemon Platinum today, so the retailers stopped caring about giving you deals in order to sell you that specific game. It’s not to say there’s nothing else coming out this week. It’s just that almost all the deals are focused on reminding every customer other systems do exist. But they want you to forget about the DSi – it would be much harder to sell you a brand new DS Lite if you remembered in a scant two weeks the DSi will be available. To top matters off, Pokemon titles seem to be exempt from the ‘$30 instead of $35’ rule for first-party DS games at certain retailers.

K-Mart is the one who comes through the most, with a 12 month Xbox Live card for $30 instead of $50. While most 360 RPGs don’t have much a Live function; getting extra content for Fallout 3 first and a few online games of Fable 2 played in addition to the other Live games you might play is still a good deal.

Amazon.com has a Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal on select DS games. Retro Game Challenge is the only noteworthy title, but do take a look to see if there is anything of interest. Also check out some of their upcoming releases for RPGs. A lot of them are 10% off when you preorder.

Today we’ll talk about getting a little more out of your game. This is the easiest way to get a good RPG deal. The addition of achievements and trophies to video games has introduced new challenges to master. Replaying old RPGs to get these achievements/trophies not only boosts the brag-ranking associated with such systems, but also saves you cash since you are still playing an older game instead of buying a new one. On the 360, Mass Effect and Tales of Vesperia have achievements based on multiple playthroughs, while Lost Odyssey, Fable 2, and Fallout 3 have either the above or the ability to use DLC to add additional achievements. Other games, like the PS3’s Valkyria Chronicles and 360’s Star Ocean: The Last Hope, have in-game medals to earn for completing different tasks. That’s nothing to say about unlockable content.

Sites like The Backloggery offer special challenges to be mastered, adding even further replay value to an already existing library.

Changing gears, anyone looking forward to Sacred 2 on the 360 and PS3 will have to wait longer – the game has been delayed until the middle of May.

Nothing else to go on about – keep looking for new deals. Catch you next week.

Disclaimer: Deals may not be available in all stores. Prices in each store may differ. You can try different stores to mitigate this, and always ask if a store has it before writing them off. You might be able to get a raincheck. A lot of these deals are in-store only, except where specified.

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