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More Valkyria Chronicles 2 scans, boat confirmed, other details

By Heath | July 16, 2009 at 10:12 pm

I found more Valkyria Chronicles 2 scans in this week’s Famitsu, one of which shows a huge ship, which the magazine says is a boss. We don’t yet know if the players will control their own ship or not, but we’ll get cracking and figure it out.



Other things of note within these images are that apparently there will be a new take on character customization which allows more varied progression, and the tank customization looks different, perhaps deeper.
The “Canvas” engine will be used again, and while producer Shuntaro Tanaka admits that it must be toned down from what the PS3 could show, he does not feel that it will be too drastically different. It will be, according to staff, fit for the PSP. (Note: that’s just what he said; RPG Land is not reporting this neccessarily in agreement, until we can see it in action for ourselves.)

Source: Weekly Famitsu Magazine

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