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Share your thoughts or non-thoughts on Valkyria Chronicles 2

By Heath | July 16, 2009 at 9:31 am

I’m curious here. Quite a few mixed reactions are coming forth about Valkyria Chronicles 2, especially in regards to it being on PSP. Several fans of the original are diappointed that it won’t be on the PS3, perhaps understandably, especially for those among them that don’t own a PSP. However, some comments are right on the border of idiotic, such as Descara’s note on the RPGamer forums that “I think they’re pretty much shooting themselves in the foot for worldwide sales.” Another comment by MasterChief in the same thread muses, “I guess they don’t wanna make money on the sequel? Even the DS would make more sense….”

Bafflingly, our ‘Chief there is not the only one who has suggested the idea of moving it the series to the DS, as a few others peppered around the internet have also wondered about this, apparently unware of the gap in hardware capability that would hamper such a game.

I can understand people being bummed about the game being on PSP instead of PS3, but do people honestly think this move is a footbullet? Has this guy somehow created a cult following or — gods forbid –reproduced?

Is a potential marketing strategy so hard to see, here? My guess is they’re branching out and getting the fanbase bigger. It’s true that “not all PS3 owners have a PSP,” but there are a lot more PSPs out there than PS3s, and a PSP game would be cheaper. I’m betting it would sell more units. In that way, if they want to return to consoles with a future game, there’d be more hype and buzz behind it. It’s not unreasonable to think that this may be the long-term strategy.

Think it’s a crazy theory? Tell that to Squre Enix, who’s currenty raking in cash from Dragon Quest IX for the DS, and will no doubt be filling the moneysacks again when Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep hits the market. Indeed, the first two games in the <i>KH</i> series were for PS2, but bailing from the console will ultimately only help that series, as shown by the success of 358/2 Days. And, lest we forget, instead of PS3 or 360, Square went with the PSP for its Final Fantasy VII prequel, resulting in great reviews and even greater sales.

Yes, some of these listed are spinoffs and not “official sequels,” but really, whats the ####### difference? A number in the title? Whoopdeedoo. They’re still within the story’s canon, so that’s not even close to a valid point —  so invalid, I can’t waste more words on it.

So hey, whether you agree or disagree, man up and let us know what you’re thinking in the forum poll there.

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