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RPG Deals 8/23 – 8/29

By Russ | August 23, 2009 at 5:29 pm

An anniversary for me and buy 1 get 1 half off of Wii and DS games for you.

Toys ‘R’ Us jumps up with this week’s best deal for games.  Buy 1 DS or Wii game and get a second one of equal or lesser value half off.  Little King’s Story and Phantom Brave are the most recent releases for the Wii, but some of you might be interested in pairing one of those games with the Metroid Prime Trilogy that hits this week.  There are tons of DS RPGs abound; throwing a stone down the DS aisle should put you near one or two.  The deal can be mixed and matched between DS and Wii.

While you are there, check out TRU’s clearance bin.  Disgaea and Rogue Galaxy for the PS2 are $10 apiece.

Best Buy has been doing their part to clearance out DS games without making it look like they are on clearance.  Cardboard counter displays often have games for $20 and under.  Most of them are supposed to be that price, but I have spied an occasional DS Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles in the bin for about $20.

Speaking of Crystal Chronicles, I picked up a DS copy of Echoes of Time for $10 at Target.

It has been one year since this column started.  There have been a lot of deals written in these columns.  I have gone through every column, incluing the one that did not make it to the web, to bring you my personal favorite places to find deals and generally shop, as well as my personal favorite deal.

The best recurring deal this column has reported on is Amazon’s Deal of the Day. I typically cannot report on what it is because the deal is no longer there when this column goes up, but it is the most recurring deal I personally utilize.  A good runner-up to this mantle are TRU’s frequent week-long ‘buy stuff get stuff off’ sales.  I normally tend to take advantage of them when they are ‘buy x get x free,’ but I almost bought Little King’s Story and The Legendary Starfy today.   There is a downside to these type of deals; they only work best when everything is the same price.

The best place for deals was Circuit City.  They would put stuff on clearance all the time.  Lately it has been Target.  I have seen $60 games on clearance for $20.  Hell, I picked up MadWorld and Conduit for $40 combined last week.  Normally they are $80 if bought together.  They had Last Remnant down to $15 at one point, and Star Ocean: First Departure for $10.  Circuit City will be missed in this respect, but Target has tekn up their mantle beautifully.

In direct contrast, K-Mart really used to put stuff on clearance, but they seem to have calmed down a lot since then.  Maybe they realized they were losing a lot of money?

The best deal I have utilized has been one of the first I reported on.  Sony’s Style Store would give people who signed up for their credit card $150 off their first purchase over $300.  I bought an 80 gig Ps3 for $250 with that deal.  I’ll be honest; in terms of hardware I vastly prefer my PS3 over my 360.  I love my 360, but the PS3 does not scratch up games at all.  Just because I buy my games discounted does not mean I want to buy them again.

In terms of RPGs, the second-best deal this past year has been Atlus and Amazon’s huge sale last November.  I picked up a ton of Atlus RPGs for $10 – $20 a pop.  Prices on them would not drop for months, and sometimes would not drop below what I paid for them.  I bought Zoids Assault, Eternal Poison, Dokapon Kingdom and a few others.  I am looking forward to seeing if they do another sale similar to it this year.  I missed out on some of Atlus’ smaller DS releases.

The best deal for RPGs was GameStop’s Game Days sale.  Valkyria Chronicles for $30?  Final Fantasy Tactics for the PSP for $15?  And there was more?  Yes, please.  Valkyria Chronicles is the best game out there right now.  Maybe White Knight Chronicles will change that, but I will have to wait and see.

That’s enough reminiscing for this year.  We will see where the next year takes us.  There should be plenty of oppurtunities for deals, and I’ll keep letting you know where they are.

Thank you.  Happy Hunting.

Disclaimer: Deals may not be available in all stores. Prices in each store may differ. You can try different stores to mitigate this, and always ask if a store has it before writing them off. You might be able to get a raincheck. A lot of these deals are in-store only, except where specified.

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