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Japan prepares for 3D Dot Game Heroes

By Heath | October 14, 2009 at 9:28 am

“Dot day,” was this past Saturday, Oct. 10. Perhaps FromSoftware (no space in that name) attempted to make up for its lack of Tokyo Game Show attendance with this event, as this day marked the public’s first crack at the game.

According to three random dudes at the Yokohama’s Yodobashi Camera shop claiming to be developers (pretty credible since they showed up with giant statues of characters from this game, but I have a policy to not trust anyone ever about anything), 3D Dot Game Heroes begins with the king of Dottania being faced with needing his 2D kingdom to become 3D.

Matsuo Goro was all like, “Ask me how awesome my new game is. Ask me!”
It didn’t happen, so he just had one of his buddies declare that 3D Dot Game Heroes is indeed “so awesome.”

Oh and here’s 10 minutes of the game:

Source: Gpara

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