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A glance at Yggdra Unison’s characters

By Janelle | October 28, 2009 at 8:19 am

Recently, the Japanese Yggdra Unison official site updated, providing fresh information about some of the characters and factions that players can expect to see in-game. Both some old and new faces put on an appearance. Yggdra Unison will be released for the Nintendo DS on December 3, retailing for 6,279 yen. First, Ishine:
Belongs to: Kingdom of Envelia
Class: Undine
Queen Emelone’s right hand man, and well respected for her prowess as a
warrior. She is the courageous leader of the queen’s bodyguards.

Inzahgi the Mercenary
Belongs to: Ortega’s Bandits
Class: Fencer
A mercenary born in Lombardia. He’ll do any sort of work for money.

Elena the Apprentice
Belongs to: The New Bronkian Empire
Class: Assassin
She’s an assassin belonging to the empire’s official assassin squad. She’s
the sister of Leon the Dark Knight, and possesses many hidden talents.

Archbishop Maldim
Belongs to: The Church-State of Meria
Class: Necromancer
He’s an associate of Yuberon. He’s plotting to overthrow Meria’s government
by various means of treachery and cunning.

Source: Famitsu

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