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Is this the Final Fantasy XIII North American box art?

By Heath | November 8, 2009 at 7:58 pm

Now, everything leaked from stores must always be taken with a grain of salt….
(Edit 11/9/09: Nope, doesn’t look like it)
Often, shops simply take educated guesses on release dates and have placeholder images as box art. That said, Play-Asia’s “Preliminary Picture” of Final Fantasy XIII is different than the mockups being more widely used, and is a more recent update to boot. (Previously, it was just a white box like everyone else has.) Furthermore, it’s sporting a T rating instead of RP, which again puts it in the minority. Does Play-Asia know something we don’t? While one must always be cautious, these retail leaks of info and images have been slightly more reliable than usual, lately, so it seems worth considering, though we’ll say again: it’s far from official. We’ll see.

Update: I searched tineye and didn’t get any exact matches, then glanced at a few fanmade box arts and didn’t see any matches, even on VGboxart.com, but apparently it had been made by a user there. It is undeniably dubious that a huge retailer would be using that on their site, though, which was the real kicker.

For now, this doesn’t seem to be the real deal, but of course, that’s why the article was written with like 45 disclaimers and why we took it with the aforementioned salt, right? Amazon was right about The Wizard of Oz (including box art), Rakuten was right about Shiren 3, but signs aren’t looking too good for Play-Asia on FFXIII. We’ll keep you posted on further developments.

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