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RPG Land launches “Can You Do Our Jobs?” Contest

By Heath | January 4, 2010 at 11:29 pm

We here at RPG Land have a lot of reviews. A lot crappy reviews. A lot OF crappy reviews. Yeah, see what I mean? We’re like stubbing our faces on our monitors when we right these…WRITE these things. (Dammit.) Think you can do better? Well maybe you can, internet guy. Prove it, and you could win some pretty cool Final Fantasy stuff.


We’ve got Final Fantasy XIII postcard books, Final Fantasy XIII Elixir, Final Fantasy figurines, and anime crap. All prizes are subject to availability (these things don’t last forever and Japan loves its flavor-of-the-month market rotation), but if what you choose is not available, we’ll communicate with you to get you something awesome. Our last contest winner emailed me the name of a PSP game he wanted; I went out, found it, and sent it. We’re friendly like that. You’re not talking to machines here.

Write an RPG review. That is to say, write a good, grammatically sound, spellchecked review of any RPG for a system within RPG Land’s coverage. Yes, it can be a game of which RPG Land already has a review. Maybe we want to throw the old one out, or maybe we want to add a Second Opinion to it. Send it in via email to contest@rpgland.com. If we post your review on the site, you will get a prize. We will email you asking what prize you’d prefer and for your mailing address. You don’t need to send us this with your review — only if you win something.

-Correct English grammar and spalling — er, spelling.
-Third-person narrative most of the time. A few “I” and “you” uses are OK sometimes, but don’t make a habit of it. It’s tacky.
-Avoid uses of fanboy writing. “Blitzball is the best minigame ever!!” does not fly, for example.
-If it is not a game for which RPG Land already has a review, please send a box art image and at least one screenshot. Make a note at the end of your email what the caption should be. If RPG Land already has the box art on hand, just send your screenshot(s).
-Score the aspects based on RPG Land’s befuddling review scale of — gasp — words. From lowest to highest, we rate games: Offensive, Horrible, Bad, Below Average, Average, Good, Very Good, Great, Excellent, or Legendary.
-As you cn see in our reviews, we break down the categories of Gameplay, Story, Graphics, Sound/Music, and Replay Value. We grade those and an overall (which is not an average or composite) using the terms above.
-Reviews are of the games on its own merits, not using other games as a measuring stick. For example, if you feel Final Fantasy VIII is “Great,” while Final Fantasy IX is superior, yet deserving of a lower overall grade due to some objective criticism (this happens often), then don’t score Final Fantasy IX higher than VIII. Find a balance between your subjectivity and objectivity, and try not to let either dominate. Obviously, things will slant, as they do in all reviews, but try to keep it real.
-You can be creative. Let your writing skills shine.
-RPG Land reserves the right to edit reviews before posting, but this will only happen with matters above. We’re not going to change the opinions you express, just give you a proofread.

-Contestants must be at least multiple years of age.
-Contestants must reside in a country.
-Contestants may send as many reviews as they want, and one can win any number of times. For every review RPG Land posts, you get a Final Fantasy XIII Elixir, postcard book, Final Fantasy Trading Arts Mini, or some sort of misc. anime crap that you specify and isn’t defined as “expensive.”
-At some point, we will stop handing out the postcard books because those are way not cheap. First come, first served.
-RPG Land reserves all legal rights and law stuff.
-Contest is open immediately and ends when we say it ends (indicating we have run out of money).

Just keep it real, guys. Send in some reviews. Get stuff. Get internet famous (kind of).

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