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RPG Deals 1/24 – 1/30

By Russ | January 24, 2010 at 7:23 pm

Demon’s Souls… on clearance? Dr. Pepper and… Mass Effect 2? Strange days, man.

It’s true – Demon’s Souls is on clearance at Target for about $42. Go pick it up and then read the rest of this column.

Now that you’ve undoubtedly scored the last copy of the hottest game on the PS3, let’s talk about other deals.

Target also had Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood on sale for $15. Don’t worry; it’s not going anywhere.

Best Buy is offering a ‘buy 2 get 1 free’ on Xbox 360 Platinum Hits. Funny things is, Best Buy also has the Fable 2: Platinum Hits version for $20. Snag if you can get it. That version is normally $30 and comes with all the DLC. Best Buy also had Lock’s Quest for $15. Locke’s Quest is getting a little harder to find and prices fluctuate on it frequently. $15 is not a bad price for the interested party.

GameStop has Valkyria Chronicles on the PS3 for $20 and Steambot Chronicles on the PSP for $10. Mytran Wars on the PSP is also down to $15.

The PSN is also having 10 titles on sale this week. Among those titles are Steambot Chronicles on the PSP for $15, Crystal Defenders for the PSP $5, and badass side-scrolling platformer Thexder NEO for $5.

Amazon.com is offering $10 store credit when certain games are pre-ordered. Mass Effect 2 and Final Fantasy XIII are two of those titles. The credit will be put towards your account two days after the titles ship.

Play-Asia, along with importing games, sells US versions as well. Play-Asia is one of the few places with a new copy of Eternal Sonata for the PS3 in stock. Using RPG Land’s link on the left side of the page does help us out, by the way. I have used Play-Asia a bunch of times, and everything I’ve gotten from them has exceeded my expectations for shipping and packing. Inside product varies (Tales of Hearts CG Edition = Ugh) but is subjected to personal taste. Play-Asia is also very good at giving out coupons with shipments in order to ensure a future order.

Dr. Pepper is running a promotion with EA Games. On select Dr. Pepper bottlecaps, there are codes for downloading DLC for certain EA games. Mass Effect 2 is one of those games, but DLC is not available for it right away. This content has varied, so far, from costumes to wallpapers to desktop chotchky. The best part is you get to choose which item you would like to download. Check your bottlecap for a code, and take a peek at DrPepper.com to see if there’s something you like. If I had Battlefield Heroes, I probably would have gotten some of the skins/costumes they were offering.

That’s all I got for this week. If you catch a deal out there you want others to know about, we do have a forum.

Happy Hunting.

Disclaimer: Deals may not be available in all stores. Prices in each store may differ. You can try different stores to mitigate this, and always ask if a store has it before writing them off. You might be able to get a raincheck. A lot of these deals are in-store only, except where specified.

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