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RPG Deals 2/21 – 2/27

By Russ | February 21, 2010 at 5:39 pm

January’s feature RPGs shed some dollars – one more than the other.

Target is offering the 360 version of Mass Effect 2 for $50.  This will save $10 off the regular price.

Two things I will add here: The first is several Target stores have been messing around with clearance games.  Many Target locations now have demo systems on end caps that were once used for clearance.  While many Target stores still have clearance items on an end cap in the electronics or DVD sections, several locations have left the clearance games in with the regular titles.  It has been easy in the past to bypass those sections and not see the clearance tags.  Just double-check to make sure you are not missing anything.

The second point is if you buy Mass Effect 2 or Dragon Age, make an account at BioWare’s website.  In order to get several of the promotions available for those titles the account is required.  I recommend it because it’s a good way to keep track of what you own in terms of DLC items.  For instance, the Dr. Pepper promotional items are made available through the BioWare site once they are unlocked.  I recommend it if only for the purposes of keeping track of stuff.

Best Buy has Dragon Age available for $40.  Divinity II: Ego Draconis for the 360, released in January just like Mass Effect 2, has had a price drop to $40 at most locations.  Best Buy is offering the game for $30.  In the words of Admiral Ackbar, “It’s a trap!” The game will more than likely be $20 by the end of March this year.  Mass Effect 2 will be $20 by the end of March as well.  In 2012.

Amazon is matching the $30 Divinity II price.

Play-Asia is offering free delivery on Persona PSP for a limited time.  This is the version of Persona with the 2-disc soundtrack.  The offer is only available for a limited time.  If you’d like to support RPG Land, please click on the link to the left and search for Persona.  There’s actually a banner running for the game, as well.

That’s all I have for this week.  Happy Hunting.

Disclaimer: Deals may not be available in all stores. Prices in each store may differ. You can try different stores to mitigate this, and always ask if a store has it before writing them off. You might be able to get a raincheck. A lot of these deals are in-store only, except where specified.

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