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Xenoblade mini-preview + scans

By Heath | February 21, 2010 at 9:24 am

The new Famitsu gives images and story and gameplay info about Xenoblade for the Wii.
First, to get something out of the way, Xenoblade has Xeno in the title, but is not at all related to Xenogears or Xenosaga. The game was already well into production (with detailed trailers shown at E3 2009) by the time the “Xeno” was inserted, and any connections that manifest now will likely be last-minute throw-ins to placate eagar fans. Judging by how the game was way under the radar until this point, change is probably a good sales idea.

Game director Tetsuya Takahashi aims to let players statistically progress in more ways than just combat, as experience can also be gained through exploration.

OK, so you know how when you die, worms and detritivores and stuff begin to take over your body? The world of Xenoblade has humans and robots in similar roles (uh, minus the decomposing and eating of the world itself…). That is to say, the physical world is made up of the dead bodies of two huge and once-mighty gods that became entangled in epic warfare. Humans occupy the body of one while mechs live on the other, and any good sci-fi fan will know this means trouble — indeed, there is some 1984-style friction between the two conjoined lands that form this world.

Look for more info and media on this game as we inch closer to its Spring 2010 Japanese release.

Thanks, Weekly Famitsu magazine.
For progress tracking’s sake, here’s the E3 trailer:

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