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RPG Land’s Final Fantasy XIII Avatar/GIF Pack

By Janelle | March 9, 2010 at 10:04 am

Final Fantasy XIII was released today, so as a form of celebration, we’ve put together a pack of GIF files for your amusement.  Use them as forum avatars.  Mash them together.  Add some sort of macro and use them to make fun of people on the internet.  The choice is yours!  You can preview and download them individually below, or grab a zip file of the whole lot.

The .zip contains the following 65 GIF files, including cuts from summon sequences, chocobo animations, and victory poses, among other things. The animations are capped directly from the game, with no modifications. The pack is relatively spoiler-free, although the “Misc” section contains images culled from a few cutscenes. If you’ve seen the trailers, there shouldn’t be any surprises in there.

You’re totally free to run wild with these things, and distribute them (though links back to RPGLand.com are appreciated). Chop them up. Recut them. Insert some kind of meme joke.  Resize them. Please, for the love of all that is good, rehost them.  Don’t make us create an embarassing replacement image for you hotlinkers out there.

Q: These were capped from the Japanese version, weren’t they?
A: Yes.

Q: Why didn’t you cut out the fade-in effect on some of the Chocobo ones?
A: The Chocobo ones were tricky, because a lot of very expressive frames of animation were caught in the fade-ins. Cutting those out sometimes made the animations look less good. If you like animations with no fade-in and less expressive images, then feel free to cut the first few milliseconds out on your own.

Q: Why didn’t you make one of this really cool part when [insert scene here]?
A: Sad to say, but sometimes the lighting effects and smoke and other things just made the GIFs look nasty. Scenes with dark backgrounds suffered most often. I tried to pick the clearest parts of the summon sequences, for example, because sometimes there’s so much flying around that the converted GIFs look too fuzzy.

Q: Why is the first part of the one of Hope falling down a different shot? That’s sloppy!
A: Actually, that was a design choice. I thought it was funnier to show the context: he’s walking behind Lightning and just coming up onto a bridge. If you don’t think it’s funnier, chop that first part off yourself.

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