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MMORPGLand 5: Corrupt PS3 Books

By Heath | April 1, 2010 at 9:34 pm

Welcome to another summary of the MMORPG scene.  We’ve got updates on some PS3 MMORPGs, Warhammer Online, Champions Online, Runes of Magic, a couple of MMOs getting related novels published, and more.  Let’s get started…

Sony @ E3 2010: The Year of the MMO?
The Power Review is looking atSony’s upcoming E3 showing and calling 2010 “The Year of the MMO.”
In its anticipated lineup are plenty of PC MMORPGs as usual, but the key is that several are also for PS3, namely Final Fantasy XIV, The Agency, DC Universe Online, Angel Love Online, and Free Realms. How timely that I just recently wrote this nice piece of analysis on MMORPGs eventually gaining a greater foothold with the console gaming audience.

Warhammer Online update almost finished
The recent WAR producer’s letter has some info on the upcoming 1.35 update. It probably won’t be a fun time to be a Bright Wizard and Sorcerer though, as there will be nerfage. Below is a screen sampling some graphical tweaks.

Mortal Online combats delays
Those waiting for Mortal Online will be just a tad closer to the end of their own mortality, as the game has been delayed due to some technical issues. This kind of thing happens, though, and presumably the launch product will be all the better because of it.

Corrupt File Won’t Let Me Play Allods Online
Man, after aching for a new MMORPG for a while, I set my sights on Allods Online. I downloaded, installed, yadda yadda, and was ready to go. Until…the game told me my launch file was corrupt. But huzzah! There was a fix for this! I followed the (very basic) steps without questioning a thing and then…same error. I checked the forums and apparently there hadn’t been an update on this since like November. I have no idea what’s going wrong and just have to wait for an update, I guess. Sad face.

What sucks more is that the game apparently had a pretty kickass sounding event while I was down and out.  I love stuff like that.

Revelation Trailer
Revelation, the first expansion for Champions Online, is now live. Here’s a trailer. That is all.

Runes of Magic Developer Interview + screens
UK game site Gamers Hub has an interview about Runes of Magic, capped off with some exclusive screenshots. In it, Jörg Koonen, the game’s European Community Manager, talks expansion and the future of the game.

EverQuest II, too
Speaking of the futures of certain MMORPGs, Alan “Brenlo” Crosby, Senior Producer of EverQuest II, has written a massive post on Sony Online Entertainment’s official forums, discussing the present and future of the the game. He talks about a lot of things the community has been wondering about, including travel revamp: “As we look at the systems in the game, one of the most deficient and illogical, in our opinion, is our current travel system. We used many mixed systems which often do not make sense. Some zones have bells, some have spires, etc. . . So we are in the process of cleaning all of those up for our next update. Expect a more streamlined, logical system that makes a lot more sense, coming to Norrath in the near future. Expect more details on the forums as we get closer to May.”

Patch notes, short stories and links:
*Blizzard has announced the dates of Blizzcon 2010.
*The novel based on the EVE Online universe, entitled The Burning Life, has launched. Those into it can investigate on Amazon.
*Same goes for Star Trek Online. Check out the STO e-book, Star Trek Online: The Needs of the Many, here.
*Janelle was the first one on the scene to translate this new info about Final Fantasy XIV‘s tribes. We already knew about most of the races, but the tribes within them and the images in the update are new.

We’ll leave this column with a video released by NCsoft that gets on the case of real-world item/gold sellers. Just a public service announcement.

Meh. It’s not as funny as I was expecting, but it’s a good effort and I certainly couldn’t have done any better. Sorry about the backhanded compliment….

Seeya next time~

(Also, this columns is #5 because I considered the above editorial as #4.  That thing started as a regular column but just kind of evolved into its own monster.)

-Heath Hindman

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