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Japan’s RPG releases of May+June: J-shop watch

By Heath | June 6, 2010 at 11:02 pm

June will unleash some big RPGs upon Japanese gamers.

Already this month, Growlanser and the original Persona have received budget release treatment as part of the “Atlus Best Collection,” as well as Tales of Vesperia become part of the “Platinum Collection” for Xbox 360.

June 10th will unload the hotly anticipated Xenoblade. The game has nothing to do with any other Xeno game, but since its name change a few months ago, this game went from a relative unknown to taking center stage in the Wii RPG scene. Less anticipated but also releasing on that day will be the Japanese version of Spectrobes Origins, which came out in the states some time ago.

Atelier Totori for PS3, a direct sequel to Atelier Rorona, will be released on June 24. Rorona has not yet been released in North America despite NIS America’s best efforts in this last year. A regular edtion with just the Atelier Totori game will cost 7,140 yen (like $73), while a premium pack will also be available with extra goodies, costing 10,290 yen (about $106).

May also saw quite a few bombs drop. The 20th delighted Fullmetal Alchemist fans with the release of the PSP RPG Fullmetal Alchemist: To The Promised Day. Also for PSP, Blaze Union by Sting and Atlus was released a week later. Tir Na Nog for PS2 was re-released under the “System Software Celebration” line.

Medalot DS and Super Robot Wars OG Saga: The Lord of Elemental hit May 27th.

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