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E3: Atlus announces Etrian Odysey 3

By Michael | June 17, 2010 at 5:29 pm

And the hits just keep on rolling.  Atlus recently announced that Etrian Odyssey 3 is headed for North America and will be arriving September 21st.  Etrian Odyssey 3 is the third in the old school dungeon exploration game’s series, gotta love when a game’s name makes sense.  Subtitled “The Drowned City” players will assemble a team of explorers to uncover the secrets in this new adventure.  New features will include 10 all new classes, a ship to sail with ocean maps and apparently naval battles, and most interesting wireless co-op boss fights with up to 5 players. 

Etrian Odyssey 3’s website is live and can be found at http://www.atlus.com/etrian3/.

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