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Sayonara, Aya Brea

By Heath | July 4, 2010 at 11:35 pm

Yeah we thought we were gonna stop covering this because it’s totally not an RPG…but it’s based on one, and we’re people of 0 willpower, so we’ll stick with it a little longer. Anyway, the big scans in Famitsu and Dengeki boldly read “Sayonara, Aya Brea.”  Much more info below.
sayonara-aya-brea.jpgsayonara-aya-brea.jpgsayonara-aya-brea.jpgThe story of The Third Birthday puts players in control of familiar protagonit Aya Brea, once again in New York City.


Perhaps most interestingly and/or controversial, clothing is used as a health and power gauge in this game.  the pictures here show Aya wearing some very ripped jeans, in particular, and it’s said that the more damage she takes, the less clothing will be on her.  So, does healing also grant her a new pair of pants?  We shall see.


Aya also has an ability called “Overdrive,” which allows her to take control of enemies’ bodies, give them tactical commands, and attack foes.  She apparently gets naked for this.  Was this game like, created as an excuse to see one of the more popular game heroines of the PSX era in embarassing outfits?  Again, we’ll have to wait and see.


The bad guys in this game as referred to as “The Twisted,” which the FBI theorizes maaaaay have traveled back in time.  Forgive my persona speculation again, but then I wonder: if Aya kicks their asses and sends them back to the future (oh ho!), couldn’t they see that then come back with a better plan.  Perhaps the story will handle this and I should stop wondering.


Producers also dropped hints that there is also a console counterpart to this game being kicked around the offices, as it might be the first of a new sub-series.  As such, they also want to separate it from the original, as players should not expect similar flow or gameplay.  They can, however, expect similar themes, as Parasite Eve’s popular “the worst foe lies within the self,” will again be front and center with Aya.

Sources: Famitsu, Dengeki

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