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Top 5 Most Anticipated RPGs, September

By Heath | September 11, 2010 at 11:08 am

Feeling the pulse of the RPG world, we bring you the top 5 most anticipated RPGs as of right now, as chosen by, well, mostly you.
First off, the August list didn’t exist due to our well documented internet woes. Long story short, our clinically insane (former) boss at our (former) “real job” stole control of our internet connection and had it cut, so the updates we could do were limited.  This went on for like, three months. I’m terribly sorry for RPG Land having a crappy summer. August’s list that never got posted is included here, after the current list. A lot of these come out this month, so the next time the list rolls around, it’s sure to look quite different. Your top 5 are…

5) Ninokuni (DS, PS3)
There are plenty of RPG fans awaiting Ni no Kuni (now actually two separate games), as this hangs around on the list yet again. Perhaps the Tokyo Game Show will deliver some goods?  Those voting for this one in the future should specify a system preference, if you have one, since the games will have considerable differences.
4) Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (DS)
A member of our forums said, “I’ve been jamming on Golden Sun 2. That November announcement for the third game’s release has me pumped.”
Golden Sun DS
3) ZHP: Unlosing Ranger vs Darkdeath Evilman (PSP)
“I hoped and prayed the JP version would have legs! Fortunately it looks like it did good enough to get an English release!” -Tucker

2) Final Fantasy Versus XIII (PS3)
Yeah, get used to this game sticking around here pretty often. While satisfying a happy few, Final Fantasy XIII left a lot of gamers wanting. Versus XIII is seen by some as a potential messaiah for the series.

1) Final Fantasy XIV (PC, PS3)
Sitting around #2 finally got old for the next Final Fantasy MMORPG. Now that its release is almost upon us (PC), it’s easy to figure why people would be voting up Final Fantasy XIV. Jamie notes, “I’m loving the beta and can’t wait to play full game.”

If I’d done the update on August 7th like I’d previously planned, it woud have read:
5. Ni no Kuni
4. Ys Seven
3. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
2. Final Fantasy XIV
1. Valkyria Chronicles II

What are your most anticipated RPGs? SEND YOUR VOTES via Facebook messages, Twitter, and email to contest@rpgland.com. Send your most anticipated RPGs (limit 5) and we’ll give a vote to each. Send a quote along with it and maybe we’ll use it.  We may also punch you in the stomach though.

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