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Valkyria Chronicles 3 confirmed, will be at TGS

By Heath | September 12, 2010 at 12:00 pm

Sega will reveal Valkyria Chronicles 3 at the Tokyo Game Show this week. An image on the company’s website was formerly an unassumng gif, but changing the file extension to .jpg makes a new image appear, which lists “Senjou no Valkyria 3.” Remember when we called that?
The image in question is on the left side of this chart, at the 14:00-14:30 mark:
Valkyria 3

And don’t get too excited about a new console when seeing “PSP2” over there on the right.  That’s the abbreviation for Phantasy Star Portable 2.

Two other images, including the first artwork:
Valkyria 3 Valkyria 3
Nothing is known yet about these characters or what platform the game will appear on, though one of Sega’s URLs is “code1935.jp,” which could suggest the game taking place in 1935 — the same year as the original, oddly.  Perhaps a side story?  It’s too early to tell, of course, but that’s expected to be cleared up at TGS.

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