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Disagea will always be on PlayStation, Disgaea 4 early details

By Heath | September 17, 2010 at 12:40 pm

With Disgaea 4, Nippon Ichi has addressed an issue which almost every RPG fan has talked about at some point, be it as a complaint or a joke: the aesthetics of the series. The pixelated sprites didn’t tend to bother dedicated fans, but once things got to the PS3 level with very little visual change, a lot of people began to wonder what was up. I didn’t beleive the hype when viewing the trailer with a projector, but after seeing Disgaea 4 on a high-def TV screen, the game looks quite good. It’s not going to blow people away on a Valkyria level, but hey, it’s actually a nice-looking SRPG.

The story of Disgaea 4 is said to be more politically focused. The game takes place in the Netherworld — an appropriate place for politicians — and a big plot point social unrest, opening the door for what Nippon Ichi calls an “election system,” though that system has yet to be detailed. There was also mention of having a political cabinet.

When Nippon Ichi head honcho Souhei Niikawa was asked “Why PS3?” by RPG Land, he gave a number of reasons that made us slap our heads and be like “Oh yeah, that actually makes sense…” and then concluded that “the main series Disgaea titles will always be on PlayStation TV consoles.”

We’ll post our full interview soon, but Janelle and I just got back from Tokyo and are wiped out.

The official website has launched and is right here, featuring a new trailer of the game. Downloading from the site is encouraged, because note that this YouTube version will be slightly inferior.

The game will be out this February in Japan and this summer in North America.

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