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Horse Isle 2 out of the gate, tops 10k

By Heath | November 9, 2010 at 7:40 pm

Horse Isle 2, an indy MMO that is big on easy browser-based access and a non-violent breed of fun is now live and boasting over 10,000 players.

Practically any players with an internet browser and Flash 10 can jump into this horstastic 2.5D vector art, then proceed to raise the best damn horse in the land. Don’t like the land? Build your own island on which to run a ranch.

Multiplayer interaction is handled through chat, trading, auctions, mail, forums, and several multiplayer minigames. A player not wanting that stuff at a given moment can take on hundreds story/character quests.

The internet being a band of relentless fact-checkers that it is, players should appreciate the accurate details of each horse, right down to the breed history.

Check the official Horse Isle 2 website here.

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