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Imageepoch announces new games, partnership with NIS America: what it may or may not mean (plus videos)

By Heath | December 1, 2010 at 7:37 am

Japanese developer Imaggeepoch, makers of treasured classics such as Luminous Arc,  Arc Rise Fantasia, and Sands of Destruction, has been busy making a lot of announcements lately.  While not necessarily connected to each other, the company has announced new games for Japan and a new localization partnership with NIS America. 
At a press conference in Japan, Imageepoch recently announced three RPGs, and we’ve got videos of each. First up is Chevalier Saga Tactics, a strategy RPG for PS3 download, PC via browser, and mobile phones (well, at least in Japan). There are two different gameplay types in CST, one in which the player (perhaps expectedly) gives orders to specific units and one that utilizes whole armies instead. There will be an online component as well. Here’s a video:

Black Rock Shooter: The Game is a hybrid TPS/RPG titled by someone who should not be allowed to name things. Then again, it’s based on an anime so I guess he gets a pass. The name will probably be modified if it comes stateside, though. Last Ranker vet Kazuya Niinou is returning to do the scenarios of this game. I have no idea if Last Ranker was any good. I still need to check that out. Here are scans and a video:

This last RPG revelation features in games permadeath: the consequence you love to hate. This means Story of the Last Promise is probably not a game for the kiddies, so get them out of the pool for this trailer:

Actually that was pretty tame. But the gameplay sound tough, what with the permadeath. I for one look forward to reading pansy-ass complaints on the internet even more than I look forward to the game itself.
These three titles are due out in Japan in 2011.

Now then, in other news, NIS America sent out a press release today talking up a newfound partnership with Imageepoch. NISA being the King of Publishing SRPGs, Chevalier Saga Tactics seems right up the company’s alley. Furthermore, morally deplorable and socially awkward-to-tell-your-friends-about PSP RPG Criminal Girls was made by Imageepoch and published in Japan by Nippon Ichi, so there’s already a working relationship there. Whether anything will happen with that remains to be seen; I’m just saying what it’s in my head.

Other noteable Imageepoch RPGs released in Japan but not stateside include Luminous Arc 3 and Last RankerLast Ranker was published by Capcom in Japan, and I’m not sure if they have any say-so on other versions.

The first two Luminous Arc games were published stateside by Atlus USA, but the company passed up the third one.  Again, strategy RPGs sit right in NISA’s wheelhouse, but the company doesn’t dabble with the DS as often as it does PSP and PS3 (localizing Atelier Annie but passing up Lina due to Annie‘s so-so sales, and yadda yadda).

Check back for more anouncements and updates as they happen.

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