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Tales of Graces F confirmed for North America, Holy crap, we won?

By Heath | February 2, 2011 at 4:56 pm

In RPG Land’s continuing mission to fight for your right to party, we asked readers to show Namco Bandai that they would indeed buy Tales games on PS3.  That was in mid November, and now, Tales of Graces F has been confirmed for North American release.

(We’re of course not taking full credit for this, but hey, it sure feels good.)

From the small bit I was able to play at the Tokyo Game Show in 2010, I can say the game has a fast-n-furious battle system that fans will love.  It’s an all-around upgrade to the Wii version, and this announcement should come as welcome news to English-speaking Tales fans who’d previously had plenty of reason to feel a little bit left out.

Now then, what did your mother teach you?  Say “please” and “thank you.”  We said “please,” now just as we did before, we ought to hop back on Twitter and post a thank you message. Of course customize it a bit, but here’s mine:

@NamcoGames + @namcobandai Thank you! I’m looking forward to Tales of Grace F!

Moreover, buy the damn game when it comes out. If the company avoids localizing titles from a given series, it’s of course because the company believes the games won’t make money. If we as fans beg and beg for their executives to go against their instincts…only to have the game not sell, then future installments of that series have even less chance of coming over.
“We’ll buy it!” fans may say.
“That’s what you all said last time!” a PR guy will say as he looks at his weak sales figures.

Namco Bandai has done its part here, so now, Tales fans, it’s time to do yours. Start saving and make sure you’ve got 60 bones on hand when Tales of Graces F comes around for PS3.

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