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Top 5 Most Anticipated RPGs – February 2011

By Heath | February 5, 2011 at 6:00 am

Last month didn’t quite have enough votes to put Elder Scrolls V on the list. Nice to see that you whiners learned from your mistakes and did something about it!  Here’s the new top 5, which looks considerably different from last month’s.

As of right now, these are the most anticipated RPGs.  These games do not necessarily come out in February or even 2011 — this is only an anticipation gauge.  (We have to say again: all games on this and future lists must actually be officially announced, so we can’t put stuff like “Final Fantasy XXX” or “World of Warcraft 2,” even though that would be awesome.

Diablo III, probably due to lack of recent news, has dropped off the countdown for the time being. Maybe we should make it a top 7? Nah, ef that. Perhaps more surprising, since it’s due out this month, is the diappearance of Tactics Ogre for PSP.

5) The Witcher 2 (PC, rumored for consoles though that’s unconfirmed)
After enjoying 2 straight months at the top of the mountain, The Witcher‘s sequel drops a bit, but stays on the list. This one comes out in May.

4) The Last Story (Wii)
Released last month in Japan to widespread praise, Hironobu Sakaguchi’s latest creation still lacks any localization announcements. Well, that hasn’t negatively affected how badly people in the West want it.

3) Tales of Graces f (PS3)
How awesome that this one was on the list, despite not having a North American announcement, and now it’s getting the localization. Hopefully all these vocal fans will put their money where their mouths are. Maybe Xillia will follow.

2) Final Fantasy Versus XIII (PS3)
The announcement of Final Fantasy XIII-2 still wasn’t enough to distract from the high anticipation Square Enix fans have for Versus XIII right now. The flood of details, trailers, and magazine pages that followed Square’s big press conference in Tokyo has stirred the pot for this one once again. Don’t expect it to be released any time soon, though.

1) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (PC, PS3, 360)
The announcement of any new Elder Scrolls will be met with huge, deserved hype, and this one is no different. Despite what we said last month, a lot of people just don’t read text, so there were questions as to where the hell it was. Well this month actually has the votes to put it on the list, and not just that, it dethroned the 2-time defending champ, The Witcher 2.

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