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Listen to Xenogears: Myth orchestrated album

By Heath | February 23, 2011 at 11:12 am

Today saw the release of the Xenogears orchestrated album in Japan.  I am a friggin’ sucker for this game, especially its music.  So is this long-awaited album worth buying?  Take a listen below and decide for yourself.

Track 1: Light from the Netherworld

Track 2: My Village is Number One

Track 3: Flight

Track 4: The Treasure Which Cannot be Stolen

Track 5: Stage of Death

Track 6: Shevat, The Wind is Calling

Track 7: October Mermaid

Track 8: Bonds of Sea and Fire

Track 9: Singing of the Wind

Track 10: Ship of Regret and Sleep

Track 11: Lost…Broken Shards

Track 12: The Beginning and the End

Track 13: Small of Two Pieces

Track 14: Faraway Promise

Mmmm, Faraway Promise.  Wanna go to Amazon or Play-Asia?

I was extremely fortunate to meet, exchange business cards, and chat with Yasunori Mitsuda once.  Trying to hide my schoolgirlish glee and keep everything professional, I mentioned that Xenogears was my favorite soundtrack in the history of me.  When this announcement happened and he asked for suggestions, I was all over messaging that man by means public and private hoping that Faraway Promise would be on the new album.  Yeah, it’s a simple piano tune (more like a music box in the game itself) but one that just hit me the right way.  So at least to me, it ws pretty awesome to see it on here.  You know the crazy thing?  You could even make a really wicked part two of this, because the OST just has that many good tracks on it.  Crazy.

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