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Disgaea Android: Free to Play, Pay-per-character

By Heath | September 23, 2011 at 1:16 am

At its recent press event in Tokyo, it was revealed that NIS America will be bringing the original Disgaea to North American Android devices. We got some details on how this works.
The world and general setting will be that of the original Disgaea, which debuted on PS2 in 2003, but focus more on the Item World rather than the goings on outside. Instead of starting with Laharl and joining him on his quest to obtain the throne of the Netherworld, players will start with merely a Prinny as the one and only solider in the army. Downloading the game will be free and require no subscription, but players will pay for each individual character they choose to bring into their fold.

RPG Land spoke to NIS America’s Jack Niida about the play format, with Janelle Hindman asking, “Will it work like the Japanese version, with characters basically being DLC?”

Niida replied:

“Yes, the download is free and playing with the starting character — a prinny — is free, but more characters are obtained through microtranscations.”

Heath Hindman followed up, “Does the strength or reputation of the character matter? Like I imagine Etna costs a little more than some random Archer?”

Niida’s remarks were:

Yeah you can buy a whole big variety of characters but their power and popularity will be factors in their price.

Disgaea will arrive on Android phones some time this fall in North America.

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