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Things I Won’t Say in a Gravity Rush Review

By Heath | May 18, 2012 at 7:03 am

Gravity Rush is the best game on PS Vita (fact), and soon, reviews will pummel the internet, my own included. Here’s a bunch of song quotes I promise not to reference:

“Oh what a feeling, to be dancing on the ceiling.” -Lionel Richie

“Lucy in the skyyyy with diamonds.” -The Beatles

“Yeah I’m freeeeeee…free fallin’.” -Tom Petty

“And I’m fallin’… off the eeeedge…of the world. And I just keep on fallin’ yeah.” -Screeching Weasel

“You’re falling out of reeeaaach, defying gravityyyyy. I know you’re out there, somewhere out there.” – Our Lady Peace

“Sadamerareta unmei wo kirisaite. Sora e to nukedasou.” – L’Arc~en~Ciel

“Something is pulling me. I feel the gravity of it all.” -That ending song from Wolf’s Rain

And I guess that’s it. I felt like this list was a lot longer when I was listing these in my head.

But still!

Update 5/25/2012: Here is a link to my review of Gravity Rush, over at PSLS.

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