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RPG Deals 6/10 – 6/16

By Russ | June 10, 2012 at 12:40 pm

What’s this?  Deals and a PSA?  How civil!

Toys R Us has a buy ‘1 get 1 40% off’ on all 360 games this week.  Additionally, 2 $20 DS/3Ds games are $30 and 2 $30 DS/3DS are $50.  Combine this with Target’s deal below for new system adopters and you may have a winrar!

Amazon has Kingdoms of Amalur for $40 this week, along with Borderlands GOTY Edition for $20, Star Wars: The Old Republic for $20, and WoW: Cataclysm for $21. Risen is on download for $6.

Target is offering a $20 and $50 gift card on the purchase of a 3DS or Vita respectively.

Best Buy is also offering a $50 gift card with Vita purchase.

And now Amazon is offering that same $50 credit as well.

Apparently Best Buy is offering a $99 360 with Kinect, a game, and 2 months of Live; provided customers buy a $16 per month service plan for two years.  Suffice to say, you are losing cash this way.

Disclaimer: Deals may not be available in all stores. Deals may stop and any time. Prices in each store may differ. You can try different stores to mitigate this, and always ask if a store has the item before leaving the store. You might be able to get a raincheck. Many deals are in-store only, except where specified. This column brought to you by cats.  How the heck can I be cut by the wind pressure of their claws?

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