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Shop Watch July ’12

By Russ | July 10, 2012 at 9:31 pm

Yar, the selection this month be more diverse than usual.

Somedays I feel like the guy from Risen 2.

Rainbow Moon has been released on PSN this week.

Titles shipping the week of July 15

Heroes of Ruin, published by Square-Enix (3DS).  Heroes of Ruin is a dungeon crawler for the 3DS.  The team behind the game, n-Space, has mostly worked on shovelware and ports.  It will be interesting to see how they handle this title.  The previewsd I have read so far indicate the game is decent.

Knights of the Old Republic I and II PC Bundle Pack, published by LucasArts (PC).  Another PC version release of the KOTOR games.

Titles shipping the week of July 29

Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time, published by Atlus (PSP).  Growlanser II sold me on the series, and Wayfarer of Time is rumored to be among the series’ best incarnations.

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, published by Square-Enix (3DS).  You already know if you’re going to buy it.  And Hell, I’ve lost my way as to where this game ends up in Kingdom Hearts‘ chronology.  Probably after KHII, but before f***-all. A demo exists for the game; do give it a try if interested.

The Last Story, published by Xseed (Wii).  Title #2 in Operation Rainfall’s wishlist arrives this week, though for Xseed the title merely met the requirements for; you know, what they do.  The game features a group of mercenaries and Hironobu Sakaguchi at the helm.  And uh… I limited myself to that much info in order to be surprised.

Risen 2: Dark Waters, published by Deep Silver (360, PS3).  After the events of the first game, the hero is older, grumpier, and drinks heavily.  And then he becomes a pirate figure.  Totally buying this game.

Some Advice:  Pre-order Growlanser if you want a physical copy.  Xseed stated somewhere that not a lot of copies of The Last Story would be run, but in light of a limited edition the statement has probably been retracted.

The Future: September and October bring the titles.

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