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Bravely Default Famitsu Review Translated

By Janelle | October 13, 2012 at 10:03 pm

Often times, Famitsu review scores are posted online with no context. ¬†Well, here’s a little more flesh for the number that goes with Bravely Default: Flying Fairy.

Reviewer #1:
“Abundant jobs and abilities paired with ability to build up turns spend them in advance. It’s a unique system and it’s awesome. Thinking about tactics is way too fun. With the skill shown in the graphics and story, you’re kind of unsure about whether your should level your characters or advance the story. Lots of benefits from street passes, so it becomes a game you always want to have and walk around with. A supreme game.”

Reviewer #2:
“The battle system and the brave-and-default system’s excellence and the very tactical battle system will satisfy. On top of that, I get the
impression that the difficulty is kind of high. There are lots of jobs and
abilities, and you feel like it’s really worth developing your characters.
Social stuff like summoning your friends and playing with them is really

Reviewer #3:
“The enemies are strong. It has some meat to it. The battle system is
excellent. The Brave and Default system is really novel. It’s fun to
consider when to build up Brave Points and how to spend them. Really takes advantage of street pass technology. In particular, I liked using the street pass functions to decrease the reconstruction time of the village. That was really cool.”

Reviewer #4
“At first, it causes you to remember Final Fantasy with its job system; it’s nostalgic like that. That stuff doesn’t go out of style. The graphics look like a picture book, just beautiful. It’s a new game, but the music has an old, classic feel. The battle system and the street pass contents are so extensive, you’ll want to dive into all of the content.”

This is Famitsu we’re talking about, so the reviews are short, but that’s what the review crew had to say. Check out our interview with Bravely Default‘s producer here.

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