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Shop Watch November 12

By Russ | November 6, 2012 at 7:42 pm

Shooters dominate the holidays, so there’s little in the way of RPGs this month.  

But the Mass Effect games and Persona 4 are nothing to sneeze at.  Quality over quantity is preferable to the opposite, in my opinion.

Titles shipping the week of November 4

Mass Effect Trilogy, published by EA (360, PC). The Mass Effect series is released in one handy release.  Said release does not include any DLC from the games except what was originally packaged with the titles.  This is great for those who have never touched the series.  If you already own a game, this is next to useless at the prices the other titles are available at.  The PS3 release will be out in December.

Ragnarok Tactics, published by Atlus (PSP).  PSP games are still made, and most of the recent titles are RPGs which never made it across the ocean.  A spin-off of the Ragnarok Online MMO, Ragnarok Tactics eschews the action gameplay in favor of turn-based tactics.

Titles shipping the week of November 11

Mass Effect 3, published by EA (Wii U).  The Wii U is a thing now, and Mass Effect 3 is going to arrive on the console after the release of the Mass Effect Trilogy for other systems.  I’m confused.

Titles shipping the week of November 18

Persona 4: The Golden, published by Atlus (Vita).  Otherwise known as what I will be playing.  A re-release of Persona 4 with an added character and lots of added things to do; P4: the Golden is the main reason for RPG lovers to own a Vita at the moment.  P4 focuses on a series of murders in a rural/suburban area of Japan.  A limited edition is also going to be available, but it’s sold out before its release as of this sentence.

Some Advice:  Ragnarok Tactics and Persona 4: The Golden Collector’s Edition will be harder to find later.  Everything else is Mass Effect related, so waiting is recommended on those fronts.

The Future:  The PS3 version of the Mass Effect Trilogy will hit in December – Mass Effect will be available on PSN for those interested in just that title.  Come January, Ni no Kuni to deliver me from evil.  Next year is a large mixed bag.

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