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Shop Watch December 2012

By Russ | December 9, 2012 at 12:53 pm

Last month’s listing comes true.

The PS3 release of the Mass effect Trilogy was for December, after all.

Titles shipped the week of December 2

Mass Effect Trilogy, published by EA (PS3). From last month: The Mass Effect series is released in one handy release.  Said release does not include any DLC from the games except what was originally packaged with the titles.  This is great for those who have never touched the series.  If you already own a game, this is next to useless at the prices the other titles are available at.

Some Advice:  Wait.

The Future:  Ni no Kuni arrives at the end of January.  The demo is playable on PSN right now.  Etrian Odyssey I – III will be re-released early next year for the upcoming Etrian Odyssey IV.  Then there’s Soul Sacrifice, Monster Hunter 3 WiiU, and a bunch of other titles in that vein coming out.

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