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Shop Watch September 2013

By Russ | September 1, 2013 at 9:42 am

Sequels and remakes; remakes and sequels. At least this month has some decent ones.

In other news I cannot put down Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. I just crafted all night long. What the Hell?

Titles shipping the week of September 1

Diablo III, published by Blizzard (360, PS3). Man, I’ve played and loved a lot of Diablo clones but have not spent much time with the real thing. I don’t know how many have that experience, but several console users have the ability to find out for themselves this week. While a PS4 and Xbone are scheduled to follow, there is no word on their release as of yet.

Titles shipping the week of September 8

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMix, published by Square-Enix (PS3). I’m personally looking forward to this title. I enjoy most of the Kingdom Hearts games available, but getting an HD upscale with content which was previously unavailable in NorthAm makes me happy. The best part though? Not having to play through Kingdom Hearts Math for the DS. Eff that game.

Titles shipping the week of September 22

Valhalla Knights 3, published by Xseed (Vita). The Valhalla Knights games have been one of the better questing RPGs available, though a slightly dull design in the ‘real is brown’ category leaves the series often overlooked. I recommend the games for straight time-killing purposes – hopefully the third installment will live up to the other titles; particularly Battle Stance.

Some Advice: Looks like the Kingdom Hearts ReMix collector’s edition is sold out a few online retailers. I’d recommend picking one up, but the edition will probably be more available later.

The Future: October + Pokemon = Octobermon. Also, the remake of Etrian Odyssey is due out first thing in October. The rest of the year will be filled out with more PS3 releases.

All release dates are subject to change.  Games available for download may have varying or staggered release dates. The views of this column do not reflect the views of RPG Land.  This column brought to you by level 26 in goldsmithing.

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