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Shop Watch May 2014

By Russ | May 4, 2014 at 11:24 pm

Here’s an eclectic mix.

Titles shipping week of May 4

Bound by Flame, published by Majesco (360, PC, PS3, PS4). Players take the role of a person possessed by a demon and choose to either accept its help or not be a dick in this RPG developed by Spiders.

Titles shipping week of May 11

Borderlands 2, published by 2K Games (Vita). It’s Borderlands 2; whetted down to 2 players for its Vita release.

Titles shipping week of May 18

Drakengard 3, published by Square-Enix (PS3). Unexpected! I wonder how this will sell. Probably not well judging by previous entries – though the game never fail to be entertaining.

Mugen Souls Z, published by NISA (PS3). Mugen Souls Z take place directly after the the end of the first game. No word on bright hairdos and aura fights, but you never know.

Titles shipping week of May 25

Mind Zero, published by Aksys (Vita). Taking the role of a student who has come back to life and must emulate the Persona series (specifically 3 and 4) as hard as possible to have a game.

Some advice: Drakengard 3. Everything else is bargain bin fodder.

The future: Some interesting titles, but with the first year of a new system there’s a lot of waffling with what to release. Expect some niche RPGs to see release.

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