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RPG Deals 8/23 – 8/29

By Russ | August 24, 2015 at 7:21 pm

It’s been fun watching the market change since I started doing this.

It’s been 7 years, I believe; with over 6 years of writing on RPG Land. Some things have changed – Deals no longer adhere to a mostly Sunday through Monday schedule as online flash sales and consoles following release trends have changed a lot of timing on deals. Digital downloads have become commonplace, and the collector’s market for physical copies has become relatively stable. The biggest changes has been the overall stagnation of the JRPG and the fusion of RPG elements into other genres. These are similar themes to me because both shifts seemed to have happened alongside each other. At the same time, the lack of JRPGs – at least, those without blatant fanservice for a crowd no longer age appropriate to stare at the naughty bits – has given way to Retro-style games. Many Retro-style titles miss the point completely (Dammit, Pier Solar!), but some are able to capture the feel in gameplay if not in overall feeling (Thank you, Dragon Fantasy). It’s been weird, but fun.

Deals for this week:

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on the 3DS is $30, and Final Fantasy Type-0 on PS4/Xbone are $35 at Best Buy this week.

Happy Hunting.

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