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Shop Watch April 2016

By Russ | April 3, 2016 at 2:19 pm

Some oddball titles along with a lot of death prep.

Because Dark Souls.

March ended with the PS4’s Knights of Azure. a Gust/Tecmo-Koei action RPG where the focus is on two girls trying to fight fate. What may appeal to some fans is the director, whose games have included both the Fatal Frame and Deception series. The Vita’s Trillion also hit. Players must face off against a boss with one trillion hit points and small window to to do damage to said boss in-between grind sessions.

On April 12, Dark Souls III is available for all of your masochistic needs. Not having a system capable of playing the title makes me totally jelly, but somehow I’ll live. Later that week, Bravely Second: End Layer hits stores. The title is being published by Nintendo this time around, with a bit of rumored chopping. I’m not referring to the costume changes but rather possibly deleted quests.

The following week sees Langrisser Re:Incarnation – Tensei, which I think means Langrisser Re:Incarnation Reincarnation. Or metempsychosis. The game is a remake of the first Langrisser game, which was released on the original Sega Master System in NA under the title Warsong.

April 26 caps out the month with the Wizardry-inspired Stranger of Sword City on the Vita.

The future holds quite a few titles. FFXV just received its September release date. Persona 5 is rumored to be end-of-year. Re-releases such as Odin Sphere hit early summer. This year could shape up to be a good year for PS4 RPGs, with Xbone getting the cross-platform scraps.

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