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Shop Watch January 2017

By Russ | January 8, 2017 at 10:18 pm

;Normally, January is among the most useless of months for releases, as people’s wallets need a little recuperation time before titles gear up for Spring.

January of 2017 doesn’t seem to give shit, though.

First up is January 17’s release of FATE/Extella. Fans of the visual novel series and PSP RPG are going to have to get used to an action game. Like the jump from thoughtful strategy to mediocre action the Front Mission series has endured a couple times; the FATE series is doing the same thing. Bear in mind Front Mission‘s last action game may have killed the franchise. Let’s see if that fate’s in store for FATE.

Dragon Quest VIII sees its port to the 3DS on the 20th. I am all bout more DQ ports, if only for the small, lonesome hope Square or other companies look to port or make available older titles which didn’t make it to NA shores.

In the meantime, totally not an RPG Gravity Rush 2 is available on the 20th as well. There’s at least 2 people on RPG Land who like the original game, so that’s worth it. Right?


The 24th drops Kingdom Hearts II.8: Final Chapter Prologue. This title is not entirely re-released material, but rather pre-released material? Hot dammit Kingdom Hearts, did your alienating plot confusion make it to the real world?

Thankfully, Tales of Berseria and Yakuza 0 also drop that same day so fans of each series can marvel at Berseria‘s homages to Berserk or like totes play crane games in Yakuza 0.

January goes out with “huh?” as Digimon World: Next Order arrives on the 31st. Never thought I’d see a Digimon renaissance, but this, the TV show Tri, and Cyber Sleuth seem to state otherwise.

I’m sure someone will find something this month. Enjoy.


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