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Shop Watch April 2017

By Russ | April 2, 2017 at 2:41 pm

All the Personae.

I mean, that is the Protagonist’s power, right?

April kicks off with Persona 5Persona 5 is still about a plucky group of high schoolers trying to save the world, but this time saving the world is infinitely more stylish. Persona 3 was all about Death, and Persona 4 was all about the Truth, it looks like Persona 5 is all about the Style. Well, it’s probably all about the Guilt; but damn does it look fabulous. If you were looking for the huge mega-edition you are probably SOL. The Steelbook and other editions should be still around.

The week of April 9 sees a physical release of Stardew Valley, a Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons-style game. This game’s digital release has had some people I know playing it non-stop, so it must have gotten the formula right.

The last full week of April sees the release of Dynasty Quest/Dragon Warriors Dragon Quest Heroes II! Yeah, that one. All punning aside; this looks to be another decent beat’em up entry and is more exposure for DQ fans. Previously DS-only game Lock’s Quest is hitting PS4/Xbone systems. You may have passed it up due to the Cloud lookalike on the cover wielding a wrench instead of sword. Despite receiving praise for its RTS combat and story; it looks like you’ll get another chance to pass it up this month.

There’s more stuff coming out this year, but it looks like the good stuff isn’t any time soon.

The views of this column are not the views of RPG Land. Except that bit about Persona 5. Stylish!

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