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Shop Watch June 2017

By Russ | June 16, 2017 at 1:43 am

Honestly; I just blew everything off to play video games.

And not die. You’d think that would be easier, but age and life lately are trying hard to prove otherwise.

In more game-related topics: I actually was playing a hell of a lot of Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward before it became Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. Which it did as of today, actually. The 20th is the release date but tomorrow is the early access date so guess where I’ll be?

No really, guess. I’ll be so game-stoned and dungeon-drunk I’ll have no clue.

Perpetually put-off title God Wars is also scheduled to release 6/20. Won’t hold my breath.

Gong back to earlier this month, The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind was released. It’s got bears and a special cooldown ability to be drowned out by a Final Fantasy title.

Ever Oasis releases on 6/23 for the 3DS, and has the creator behind the Mana games on its roster. The game looks cute and is rumored to play well, but may be overshadowed by other titles and the current E3 media blitz

A few days later on 6/27 the next game in the Valkyria Chronicles series makes its US debut and me torn. I really loved the first one – it’s the best strategy RPG I’ve ever played and has fantastic presentation. This one has neither, but I’d like to support the series. Dammit SEGA. Paint my freaking games on your CANVASS engine again and I’ll buy more of them.

July hosts what I once thought an impossibility: The Zodiac version of Final Fantasy XII. I guess anything is possible after Type-0 came over. I’m happy; don’t get me wrong. I just think I live in strange times, when developers give us things we missed. Now c’mon, Rudra no Hiho!

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