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Shop Watch January 2019 – Softy Edition

By Russ | January 13, 2019 at 5:15 pm

Playing through Kingdom Hearts – The Story So Far and Heath’s post struck a chord with me.

The music is taking me back in a good way. The story, less so with tits awkward 5th grade premise.

Tales of Vesperia: The Definitive Edition was released. The PS3 version with all the gifts saw a Switch, PS4 and Xbone re-release. Tales of Vesperia initially saw a 360 release back when the 360 just may have been a viable solution for RPGs in the time before the PS3 dropped its price to match. It was an odd year.

Kingdom Hearts III is out this month to satiate lovers of beating giant monsters with blunt objects. The Keyblade may have blade in its title, but it’s still a giant key. Players can look forward to relentlessly braining the Heartless, some Nobodies, and Disney characters into submission. The key concepts of the core series – button-mashing a path through countless enemies before fighting some well-choreographed bosses – combined with favored IPs looks to remain the same; which means fans both old and new should be able to get right into it. Assuming the 13 year old kids who played the first two games still enjoy action RPGs 13 mcfriggin’ years later. I’m old, Square. The power of heart had best come with a coupon for Tales of TurboTax or some bullshit.

February looks to be less likely to play with my emotions.

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