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Shop Watch July 2019

By Russ | July 28, 2019 at 7:44 pm

July may have brought high temperatures, but it also brought the Final Fantasy series a high score not seen in over a decade.

Somewhat ironically with the Final Fantasy XIV expansion Shadowbringers. A quick search will reveal the game has brought in high scores and favorable reviews not seen since Final Fantasy XII. Having played Shadowbringers just about every day since early access: It is very good.

Fire Emblem: The Three Houses saw release on July 26. As opposed to the last mainstream Fire Emblem with two different games released and a third downloadable; The Three Houses just throws three separate paths on one cartridge.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 also saw release earlier this month. Harvest Moon: Light of Hope hits at the end of the month. So does Mutant Year Zero.

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