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Shop Watch October 2019

By Russ | November 3, 2019 at 7:10 pm

Like the proverbial Megatron I still function.

I didn’t get the sweet galvanized upgrades or Leonard Nimoy’s dulcet tones, though.

I did get The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III; which came out at the end of October. I’m at the end of Cold Steel II and looking forward to unwrapping that crisp cellophane wrapper and diving into the next entry. In fact, if there is a series which has renewed my love of the JRPG genre; it is the Legend of Heroes series. The first Trails in the Sky title is fun and takes place in an immersive world. Cold Steel I and II are no less fun now than Sky was then.

A Switch re-release of Alliance Alive was released at the beginning of the month. Soon after, Indivisible and Borderlands 3 saw debuts across multiple platforms.

The PC and Switch saw a Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth collection released earlier this month. Witcher III also hit the Switch. The Baldur’s Gate/Baldur’s Gate II and PlaneScape: Torment/Icewind Dale collections were released across multiple platforms as well.

Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout and Disgaea 4 Complete+ and Wargroove were also released at the end of the month.

For Western RPG fans, The Outer Worlds has been a sleeper hit since release. Combining retro aesthetics and tongue in cheek humor; the game’s has spread through word of mouth and word of meme.

Despite the large amount of re-releases, some fun new titles made their debut in October. Which did you play? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter via the links on the right.

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