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Shop Watch October 2020

By Russ | October 13, 2020 at 3:18 am

I have my game this month. What about you?

This month saw a limited run of Ys: Origin on the Switch. Ys: Origin takes place before the beginning of the Ys series and runs on the same battle engine used for Ys VI and the Oath in Felghana remake of Ys III. It’s arguably the best of the battle engines. I just did a clear on PS4 for the Yunica route earlier this year.

Crosscode was also released for the PS4 and Switch. The game bills itself as a retro-styled action RPG in the vein of Super Nintendo games.

Transformers: Battlegrounds will be available later this month across multiple platforms. This title looks to be a Strategy RPG using the franchise.

My eagerly-awaited title also hits this month with Trails of Cold Steel IV. Since March of 2019 I have been playing through all of the Trails titles released in the US so far. I am working through Trails in the Sky the 3rd this month. All of the games are inter-connected, and IV is the capstone title for this arc. This month is the PS4 release; with the Switch and PC releases next year.

The biggest title of this month will be World of Warcraft: Shadowlands; the latest expansion for the massively popular online game. Shadowlands hits the end of the October.

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