He’s Fuckin’ Floating

By Heath | October 30, 2019 at 3:38 pm

The new Shenmue III trailer has Ryo’s feet not even touching the fuckin’ ground as he walks around the Chinese countryside. (Skip to 1:34 for floatwalkin’)

I Am Giant Softy

By Heath | December 1, 2018 at 10:54 am

A music box version of that “Hikari” song from Kingdom Hearts was playing in the drug store and I was fighting back tears. That is all.

…Wait, well I might as well embed a similar version of the song for reference:

Okay now that is actually all.

Persona 5 North American Release Date

By Heath | June 7, 2016 at 12:15 pm

February 14, 2017. Just got word from Atlus USA. PS3 and PS4. $50 USD for PS3 version, $60 for PS4 version. That is all.

RPG Podcast: Child of Light

By Heath | May 21, 2016 at 4:31 pm

The podcast is supposedly on a break till at least mid summer… but if we make an episode out of the blue… well… we won’t get mad if you won’t. Enjoy this podcast about the Ubisoft Montreal masterpiece Child of Light.

You can download the MP3 right here (right click, save as) or stream it with the MixCloud embed below.

Thanks for listening! Tweet @RPGLand and/or @TheHeathHindman with your feedback or fun stories or cake recipes.

Dragon Quest Heroes II Opening

By Heath | May 20, 2016 at 12:45 am

Dragon Quest Heroes II is set to arrive in Japanese stores near the end of May. To fuel the marketing fire, Square Enix has released the opening movie, which you can check out with that embedded thingy above.

It’ll be available on PS4, PS3, and Vita in Japan, but probably on PS4 — Vita is a question mark — if it comes west.

Persona 5 Trailer, Release Date for Japan

By Heath | May 8, 2016 at 11:46 am

So I guess a good thing to do would be post this Persona 5 trailer and tell you that its Japanese release date in Sept. 15, 2016.

Our Final Fantasy Valentines: A Love Game Podcast

By Heath | February 14, 2016 at 1:44 pm

For an MP3 download, right click here and “Save As,” hot stuff.

Welp, here we go. The podcast hosts picked a few Final Fantasy characters that might be marriage material for the other. How’s that for a dating game?

00:32 – The rules, the setup
03:45 – 3 Roster cuts & mismatches
09:57 – Heath picks dudes for Nell
20:42 – Heath picks a lady for Nell
23:34 – Nell picks ladies for Heath
35:07 – Side quest: a backup plan
36:54 – Nell picks a dude for Heath
40:26 – Nell’s own picks, conclusions

If you don’t like YouTube as your streaming option, here’s MixCloud:

Fallout 4 Podcast: “Special” With Dots Between the Letters

By Heath | January 14, 2016 at 9:51 am

If you want an MP3 download to take the podcast on the road, here you go.

We dive headfirst into one of the best RPGs of 2015, Fallout 4. Impressions here are based on about 35 hours of play at the time of recording, and we’ll be revisiting this one again in the near future. Contents:

00:00 – Intro and graphics
04:05 – Fallout 4’s art direction or “Why are the 50’s terrifying?”
10:23 – The mark of a good open-world game
13:16 – Thoughts on the story (so far), spoiler free
14:58 – Interface and settlements
16:40 – Tales of power armor, turrets, swords, and raiders
18:44 – Depth, Combat, cameras, and hitting the bottom
29:18 – Back to that interface…
33:57 – Quality vs. Quantity
35:50 – RPGs and “you are the story”
38:00 – Survival horror wishes it could do this
42:25 – Why I murdered Wolverine
47:11 – What up, Dog?
49:11 – The Music

If you want to stream and YouTube isn’t your thing, we have MixCloud too:

Fallout 4 – Best Video Game Podcast Top SEO Search Result Ep 15 by Best Video Game Podcast on Mixcloud

If you like the show, please help us make more podcasts by joining our crew on Patreon. You’ll get early access, direct discussion of the episodes, and you’ll make future podcasts possible. Thank you.

Best Video Game Podcast #14: Bamco Blast (Digimon Games, Japanese Arcades, Bandai Namco Stuff)

By Heath | January 1, 2016 at 7:25 am

Prefer an MP3 download? Well then here you goGameRevolution EIC Nick Tan joins me to talk about the things he saw and did on his trip to Japan. He took a look at Bandai Namco’s HQ, played a handful of its games, and got a taste of Jump Festa as well.


00:00 – Wait, what the hell?
00:43 – Nick Tan has joined your party!
04:22 – Jump Festa is to TGS as PAX is to E3
07:20 – Digimon games
14:55 – Tales of Berseria, and why PS3 is still kicking in Japan
19:35 – Ace Combat 7, Ni no Kuni 2 reminders of existence
22:04 – Tekken 7
23:15 – Arcades, online, and Tekken 7’s uncertain future
28:58 – Japanese arcades are insane
32:40 – Trading card games
36:14 – Heath asks Nick what he found weird
41:30 – Quickfire Bandai Namco games
42:28 – Happy New Year everybody!

Want to stream instead of download, but need an alternative to YouTube? We have MixCloud if that’s your thing:

Best Video Game Podcast 14: Bamco Blast (Japanese Arcades, Digimon, Tekken 7) by Best Video Game Podcast Top SEO Search Result on Goggles

Next week, Nell will rejoin the show and we’ll kick 2016 off with some Fallout 4 or Final Fantasy VII Remake podcasts. Both are coming, not sure in what order they’ll be on the site here. Fallout kinda seems more the “in” thing right now, so probably that. The FF7 episode is already available for Patreon supporters though!

Thanks for helping us get off the ground with this new podcast in 2015. We hope next year is even better. Cheers!

7 Stupid Mistakes the Game Industry Still Made in 2015 – Best Video Game Podcast

By Heath | December 30, 2015 at 1:35 am

If you’d like an MP3 download, we can provide that. Download and listen wherever. Enjoy.

We technically missed Dec. 23, the actual day of Festivus, but, well, here we are. Contents:

00:00 – A Festivus Miracle!
01:20 – The Airing of Grievances. Consoles becoming computers: good and bad.
05:00 – It seems like every time I want to show people my PS4, shit goes wrong.
07:57 – Don’t make me fight someone for the chance to give you money. Seriously, WTF.
13:13 – How the fuck is region locking still a thing?
16:19 – Mixed, contradictory messages from PR people.
18:37 – The biggest grievance isn’t lack of B/C, it’s the mixed message.
24:18 – Stop judging other people based on video game preferences, you jackass.
26:20 – Konami.
35:20 – One last grievance….

The next episode will feature GameRevolution.com Editor in Chief Nick Tan talking about his trip to Tokyo for Jump Festa and a Bandai Namco event. The Final Fantasy VII Remake episode will kick off 2016 (but went live Christmas Day for Patreon supporters).

If YouTube isn’t your preferred stream, then Maybe MixCloud is more your speed?

Best Video Game Podcast Festivus Special by Best Video Game Podcast Top SEO Search Result on Google on Mixcloud

We want to start putting episodes on SoundCloud again, but we’ve hit the limit for free accounts, so we need the $15/month cost covered by Patreon first.

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